Got tires? Who doesn't? Then you need True Goo tire sealant for your:

All terrain vehicles (ATVs)
Trailers (Boat, ATV, horse, utility, etc.)
Lawn Maintenance Equipment
Golf Carts
Golf course maintenance equipment
Delivery vehicles
Farm equipment
Industrial (Fork lifts, etc.)
Miscellaneous Small Wheel Vehicles
Dirt Bikes
Heavy construction equipment (dump trucks, loaders, bobcats, etc.)
Community service fleets (police, fire, ambulance, etc.)
Construction mining equipment
Pickup trucks
Skid loaders
Wheel barrels
True Goo can be used on anything that has a tire - with or without a tube! Order today!

To purchase, contact Dave Clark at rockymountainco@yahoo.com

"We have been using True Goo on a fairly large scale running 50 large trucks and several trailers. Before True Goo, we had 3-6 flats a day with approximately 10 patches needed per tire. The results have been excellent - far exceeding the results of the previous commercial sealers. In the long run, True Goo saved us a tremendous amount of time and money."-- Western Disposal

True Goo is the best professional tire sealant on the market. True Goo gives your tire ULTIMATE protection against flats and leaks. True Goo is a highly polar polymer. It has flat sealing particles, from macroscopic particles (that you can see) to microscopic particles (that you can't see). Each of these particles is coated with a bipolar molecular layer. This coating polarizes the particles so that they are forced, by strong electrical forces, to lay flat at a molecular level to instantly seal the hole. Under high pressure the extremely hard (harder than steel) particles in True Goo will dig in and grip the rubber in and around the leak to form a stable platform for a permanent seal. True Goo is engineered to be a very thin (low viscosity) fluid. This low viscosity allows True Goo to be very mobile in the tire to provide an instant seal. The thinness of True Goo even allows the sealant to work on sidewall punctures by coating the sidewalls during tire rotation.


In contrast to the strong electrically polar action of True Goo, is the slow, random action of the conventional sealants. These conventional sealants are thick and slow to get to the hole. Often, all of the air will leak out before a seal is formed (if a seal is formed at all). The fibers in the conventional sealants randomly help stabilize the seal but provide little resistance to a high pressure leak. The fibers also cause a wicking action, drying out the inside of the tire leading to a sealing failure. Also the fibers usually cause the valve stem to leak causing the valve stem to foul and clog with fibers. To be effective these conventional sealants typically require a greater amount than the listed dosages, and still only work under low pressure.

True Goo prevents flat tires quickly and permanently sealing tread area punctures while vehicle is in operation. True Goo prevents under inflation due to slow leaks caused by porosity, valve leaks, rim leaks and bead leaks. True Goo reduces fuel costs by maintaining the recommended tire pressure which increases fuel efficiency and reduces premature tread wear. Under inflation of tires can decrease gas mileage by 3% to 5%. This could represent as much as $300.00 in savings over the life of a set of tires. True Goo enhances the life of the tire by dissipating the heat caused by road friction thereby allowing tires to run cooler, and maintaining proper air pressure by preventing porosity, bead and valve stem leaks. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation 5 lbs under inflation reduces tire life by 28%, a 6 lbs under inflation reduces tire life by 35%, and 9 lbs under inflation reduces tire life by 52%. True Goo increases retreadability by protecting against the inception of tread and ply separations caused by air migration between the plies of new and retread tires, thereby resulting in additional retread cycles and extended casing life. True Goo acts as a balancing fluid, dynamically balancing the tire as it rotates. True Goo will condition and preserve the rubber and protect the rim from corrosion. It is well inhibited for all common metals. True Goo is easy to use, it only takes a few minutes to install in each tire. Due to its liquid nature and chemical makeup, it does not cause clogging in the valve stem area, which many sealants do. Also with its chemical makeup any spills can easily be cleaned up with a sponge and water.

Q Does True Goo evaporate?
A True Goo will not evaporate in the tire, but it will if it is exposed to air.

Q Is True Goo affected by extreme temperatures?
A True Goo has been tested to -30 degrees F. True Goo is extremely stable at temperatures that exceed 200 degrees F.

Q Does True Goo cause rust or corrosion to any part of the tire or rim?
A No, True Goo is well inhibited for all common metals.

Q Will True Goo start balling up over time?
A No.

Q Is True Goo hazardous?
A No. True Goo is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and nonflammable.

Q What tools are required to install True Goo?
A Valve core remover (included with certain sized bottles), tire pressure gauge, and source of air.

Q Will True Goo last the life of the tire?
A Yes. True Goo is guaranteed the legal life of the tire.

Q Does True Goo cause a mess?
A No. Just wipe any True Goo off with a sponge and water.