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Jesse Thurgood is a singer/songwriter with a smooth acoustic sound. He is the owner of his own independent record company, "Red Canyon Music", and has released four CDs under this label, "Learning How to Dance", "Under the Influence", "The Road I walk Today" and his newest, "The Shadows Still Remain". With a wide range of musical influence from fold to country-western to rock and roll, combined with his own life experiences, Jess's music, though hard to categorize is an honest expression written and performed straight from his heart.

On his latest recording, "The Shadow Still Remains", Jesse's smooth, pleasant baritone voice with subtle background vocals, fondly takes you on a journey through the shadows and memories of life. His songs describe family life and years of experiences and memories we can all relate to. He speaks of lessons taught him by his elders and lessons he wishes to hand down in return. Jesse comes off in person as a gentle, unassuming man and you definitely get that same impression of him through his art. His music reflects a deep spiritual side that never comes off as judgmental or with heavy religious trappings.

In 1994 Jesse was the featured "In-House Musician" at the Old Faithful Inn located in Yellowstone National Park, where h performed for five months to people from all over the world. Since then, he has performed in music festivals, resort clubs, restaurants, coffee houses and bookstores throughout the western United States. In 2001 Jesse was a finalist in the New Folk songwriting contest in Kerrville, Texas. Just last year he was a finalist in the KRCL Performing Songwriter Showcase as part of the Founder's Title Folk and Bluegrass Festival at Snowbird.

Jesse was a Newfolk Finalist in 2001 at the Kerrville Folk Festival. This honor is reserved for the very best up and coming songwriters. On his recordings he is occasionally backed by some very talented friends but in general the music is produced with his vocal and guitar in the forefront.

Comments about Jesse

33rd Annual Kerrville Folk Festival Jesse Thurgood - I was pleasantly surprised by Jesse, though having never heard his music, I guess I shouldn't have been. I almost thought he had a chance at the winner podium and look for many good things from him in the future. - Bill Nash

Jesse has a storytelling style that really captures the imagination... His songs make one feel warm around a campfire on a cold mountain evening as he sings about legends of the old west. We have invited him to our radio program several times to share his music and wrap up our acoustic campfire concert in style-- Brian Brinkerhoff, host of Backcountry Utah-- Utah's Outdoor Radio Magazine

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